Budget for a Class Party

Imagine we are going to have a class party. For that party, we will need food and drink.

We need:
5 Pizzas @ 7.99
3 Chips @ 3.29
2 Cookies @ 5.49
5 Bottles of Pop @ 1.09

1. Open Numbers and choose a Blank Spreadsheet.
2. Click on View > Show Print View > Show Layout.
3. In the Header align text to right alignment.
    Type the following information on three separate lines.

Your Name
Teacher Name
Insert the Date

4. Press Return. Switch to center alignment and type the title: Class Party Budget
5. Change the font size of the title to 18 point.
6. Change the style of the title to bold.
7. Underline the title.
8. Change the color of the title to your favorite color.
9. Click on cell A1 and type Food
10. Click on cell B1 and type Amount
11. Click on cell C1 and type Price Per Item
12. Click on cell D1 and type Total Cost
13. In column A, list the foods in separate cells: Pizza, Chips, Cookies, Pop
14. In column B, type in the amount need for each food.
15. Select column C and in the menu bar select Currency. Then type in the price for each item.
16. Select column D and in the menu bar select Currency.
17. Now let your spreadsheet figure out your total cost. Select cells B2 and C2 < Function < Product.
      Repeat this process for all your food items.
18. Make your spreadsheet look good by changing font, font size, color, etc.
19. Sort your food items alphabetically.
20. Make a graph/chart of the total cost of each food item. Be sure to change the title of the chart!
21. Print your spreadsheet and graph on one page.
22. Save your spreadsheet as instructed.