Hyper Studio

The American Revolution


Card 1

Title Page

1.  Your Name

2.  Project Name

3.  Picture of a Revolutionary Person or Scene

4.  Famous Quote

5.  Record all Text Boxes with your voice

6.  Navigation Buttons


Card 2

The Declaration of Independence


1. Type the following and Record it:


Benjamin Franklin had hoped that Britain and the colonies would make peace. Yet after the Battle of Bunker Hill, Franklin gave up this hope. He wrote to a friend who was a member of Parliament, “You have begun to burn our Towns, and murder our People. Look upon your Hands! They are stained with the Blood of your Relations! You and I were long Friends: You are now my Enemy, and I am, Yours.”


2.  Find a picture of the Original Declaration and past it into slide 2.

3.  Title the slide “The Declaration of Independence”

4.  Navigation Buttons


Card 3

1.  Decide on 5 facts about the Declaration and list them on slide 3. Record the facts using a “studio voice.”

2.  Find an interesting picture or graphic image.

3.  Format the page to look great!

4.  Title the slide “Facts about the Declaration of Independence”

5.  Navigation Buttons


Card 4

The Continental Army

1.  Facts about the Army, who was its leader? Tell about The famous leader of the Continental army.

2.  Redcoats, who were they? Find an appropriate picture.

3.  Navigation Buttons


Card 5

Important Battles

1.  Decide on a battle you would like to present on slide Five.

2.  Title the slide example: “The Battle of Saragtoa”

3.  Put a related picture

4.  Record the title with a “Dramatic voice”

5.  Navigation Buttons


Card 6

1.  Important facts of the battle, who participated? Where did the battle take place? Who won the war? How many people were killed, injured? Other interesting facts.

2.  Title the Slide

3.  Add Related Picture(s)

4.  Navigation Buttons


Card 7

Independence at Last

1.  Type the following text and Record it:

The minutemen had left Groton, Massachusetts, for the battlefield. Yet the town was still protected. “Armed with muskets, pitchforks, and such other weapons as they could find,” Prudence Wright, Sarah Shattuck, and some 30 other women guarded the town bridge.

2.  Add an appropriate picture

3.  Navigation Buttons


Card 8

The End of the War

1.  Name the important battles that ended the war

2.  Write a sentence or two about the Treaty of Paris

3.  Wright 3 or 4 things the colonists did to celebrate their victory. (Pg. 335 of text book)