The Campbell County School District Planetarium is housed at Sage Valley Jr. High School and has been operational since 1981.  We feature the first Goto Chronos II to be installed in the United States.  This star projector accurately shows over 8000 stars on our 30 foot diameter Nanoseam dome.  With a point projected Milky Way and many deeps sky objects the Chronos II projects a total of over 3 million objects onto  the dome.  Many objects require the use of binoculars to view.  The planetarium was built and is maintained by funds from Campbell County School District #1. Public shows are funded by Campbell County Rec Mill grants and the donations of community supporters.  During the school year the planetarium is host to nearly every student in Campbell County and even serves schools and communities from as far as southern Montana.  In addition to school shows the CCSD Planetarium is one of only a few planetariums in the world to offer free shows to the public. 

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