3280 Investments

  • A safe and sound investment program is a critical ingredient of sound fiscal management. Its purpose is to secure a maximum yield of interest revenues to supplement other revenues and support the educational programs of the District. The Board of Trustees believes:
    • That investment practices must always be in compliance with state laws;
    • That safety of funds should be a first consideration; and
    • That within the guidelines of 1 and 2 above, all excess funds must be held in interest bearing accounts or investments to earn the maximum return possible.
    Before any person who is not an employee or Trustee of the District effects any investment transaction on behalf of Campbell County School District, or offers any investment advice to the District, that person must sign a statement indicating he or she has read this policy and agrees to abide by applicable state law with respect to advice he or she gives and the transactions he or she undertakes on behalf of the District. For the purposes of this policy, deposits in financial institutions as authorized by law are not considered "investment transactions" or "investment advice".

    An employee or Trustee of Campbell County School District may not effect an investment transaction on behalf of Campbell County School District without first being authorized to perform such functions by the Board of Trustees.
    ADOPTION DATE: April 14, 1997; Reviewed May 10, 2005; Reviewed with minor revision September 23, 2014
    LEGAL REFERENCE(S): W.S. 9-4-817 through 9-4-831
    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 3290, 8400