3310-R Fixed Asset Inventory

  • 1. The Associate Superintendent for Instructional Support is assigned responsibility for developing procedures for maintaining capitalization and inventory records. A copy of the complete inventory will be on file in the Educational Services Center.

    2. Building administrators will implement the inventory procedures as outlined in the Fixed Assets Handbook and will provide updated information as requested by the finance office or the designated employee.

    3. Lost or stolen items - An Asset Location Change Request form must be filled out and sent within three business days from the date the item(s) were noticed missing to the designated employee and the Associate Superintendent for Instructional Support. 

    4. The following dollar amounts apply to Campbell County School District assets as a whole.

    A.  Buildings improvements (05200) with a cost of $100,000.00 or more and site improvements (05300) with a cost $50,000.00 or more will be capitalized and depreciated.

    B.  Equipment items with a purchase price over $5,000.00 will be inventoried and tagged under the "Fixed Assets" title and maintained on a depreciation schedule by the designated employee.

    C.  Equipment items with a purchase price of $500.00-$4,999.99 will be inventoried and tagged under the "Property Assets" title. 

    D.  Equipment items with a purchase price of less than $500.00 may be inventoried and tagged as property assets by request from the location or administration.

    E.  High theft items and all computers will be tagged.  Examples include iPads, Kindles, laptop computers, radios, CPU’s, etc.

    F.  Furniture, non-powered items, or items considered to be part of the building are excluded from being tagged. 

    G.  Any high theft items purchased with federal funds must be tagged, no exceptions.

    H.  Once an item has been tagged, the tag must remain on the item.

    ADOPTION DATE: August 14, 1984; Revised June 25, 1991; Editorial Revision January 11, 1993; Editorial Revision June 2, 2000; Renumbered August 21, 1995 (formerly 3291-R); Editorial Revision July 18, 2001; Reviewed with no changes May 23, 2005; Revised September 9, 2008; Revised July 16, 2014; Revised July 20, 2016; Minor revisions January 22, 2019; Reviewed with minor revisions April 9, 2019; Minor editorial revision August 28, 2019