Associate Junior High Principal / Activities – I15

  • REPORTS TO: Principal/Director of ActivitiesDEPARTMENT: 

    The Associate Principal/Activities Director is responsible for all aspects of the Junior High School environment as directed by the Principal. The primary areas are instructional leadership, curriculum development, staff supervision and evaluation, staff development, creating a safe and orderly environment (student discipline and maintenance of building and grounds), building positive home-school relations, and creating a clear school mission. The Associate Principal/Activities Director is also responsible for all aspects of the Junior High School Activities Program as directed by the Director of Activities. The primary areas are to coordinate, supervise, evaluate, and recommend improvements for their junior high activity programs and to be actively involved in the development, initial implementation, and revision recommendations for the District Activities Program at the junior high school level.


    Assists with the supervision of teachers.
    Assists with the evaluation of teachers.
    Assists with instruction to teachers on matters of curriculum and student achievement.
    Assists with the coordination of curriculum between subject areas and grades.
    Assists with the monitoring of student progress.
    Assists with the supervision and evaluation of educational support personnel.
    Assists with the articulation of the school mission to the district mission.
    Assists with student discipline.
    Assists in empowering teachers to assume responsibility for student discipline.
    Assists with maintenance of the building and grounds.
    Assists with creating and maintaining the belief of high expectations for learning for all students.
    Assists with creating an atmosphere where learning is foremost.
    Assists with the financial planning and budget of the school.
    Assists with the provision of substitute teachers.
    Assists with the development of the handbooks for faculty, parents, and students.
    Assists with the acquisition of new staff.
    Attends all building and district meetings as required by the Principal/Director of Activities.
    Assumes responsibility for any functions or areas the Principal/Director of Activities deems necessary.
    Supervises junior high activity programs in consultation with the Director of Activities.
    Assists with ways to maintain consistent and open communication with all students, parents, staff and the community.
    Holds meetings with coaches and sponsors whenever necessary; keeps them informed of all matters pertaining to the CCSD activities program.
    Acts as a consultant to the building administration, sponsors, and coaches on matters pertaining to the junior high activities program.
    Oversees the creation of the building's master activities schedule.
    Schedules practice use and interscholastic activity events for their junior high school.
    Observes coaches/sponsors sufficiently in practices and contests to make future recommendations in terms of job expectations and job assignments.
    Coordinates, attends and supervises home building student activity competitions.
    Prepares the bus transportation schedule for building activity trips and works with the Supervisor of Transportation in the implementation of the schedule.
    Acts as tournament director for all district activities that are assigned to their school.
    Assigns Event Coordinator to supervise activities in the Associate Principal/Activities Director's absence.
    Maintains a record of athletic and activities reports such as end of season rosters, awards, records, etc.
    Supervises, evaluates and recommends coaches, sponsors, and intramural personnel in cooperation with the Director of Activities and the building principal.
    Conducts the interview and selection process, by involving the Head Coach and Sport Facilitator, for new building activity staff positions.
    Oversees and maintains all building activity facilities and recommends maintenance and repairs.
    Supervisors and coordinates the budget of all activities for their school.
    Supervises and coordinates inventory of all their junior high activities.
    Represent their school and district in all athletic business at conference and district meetings.
    Enforces and interprets all activity regulations as specified by the State Activity Association, District policies and procedures, and the conferences' by-laws in which membership is maintained.
    Performs other duties assigned by the Director of Activities or other appropriate administrative personnel.

    Maintains high visibility for all staff and students.
    Assists daily with hall and lunchroom duty.
    Works as a liaison with students, parents, and staff members.
    Takes responsibility for certain departments and/or grades.
    Makes all necessary arrangements for all non-school facilities in the activities program (for example: Parks and Rec fields, cross country courses, Camplex, etc.).
    Releases publicity to the press and radio on coming events in athletics and on all special activities in which the schools participate.
    Holds all coaches and participants accountable to the CCSD Activity Code.
    Works collaboratively with the other building Activities Directors as a team player to develop the best Campbell County School District Activities Program possible.
    Assists the Director of Activities with district activities, works with students, teachers, parents, and administrators to solve problems.



    Knowledge of the curriculum standards, qualities of teaching and the principles of learning.
    Knowledge of CMI and technology.
    Ability to speak clearly and concisely.
    Ability to weigh options, think clearly, and evaluate accurately.
    Ability to understand and facilitate needs of various personality types
    Ability to make decisions with sound emotional judgment.
    Ability to understand the psychological and physiological development of adolescents.
    Ability to develop a plan and make decisions to facilitate its fulfillment.
    Must possess the ability to see, hear, and talk in order to ascertain teacher effectiveness.
    Must be able to walk, write, lift, and sit.
    Must be able to concentrate with numerous interruptions.
    Must be persuasive, alert, and creative.
    Must have patience, initiative, and reasoning.
    Knowledge of and implementation of the district supervision and evaluation model.
    Ability to oversee, manage and maintain activity facilities and equipment.
    Knowledge of each activity's skills progression, structure of productive practices, and competition strategies.
    Working knowledge of activity competitions and tournament management.

    Must possess a Bachelor's and Master's Degree.
    Must possess State Certification.
    Must have continued professional growth.
    Administrative certification issued by State of Wyoming.
    Coaching and teaching experience.

         Major Office Equipment             
         All types of athletic equipment for volleyball, football, basketball,  
         wrestling, and track.
         Knowledge of computerized heating systems and coal furnaces.

    Be able to walk 50% of the time without fatigue or discomfort.
    Be able to sit 30% of the time without fatigue or discomfort.
    Be able to lift up to 50 pounds.
    Be able to carry up to 15 pounds.
    Be able to push up to 200 pounds.
    Be able to pull up to 100 pounds.
    Be able to handle, finger, see, talk, and hear.
    Possess proper stress management techniques.
    Ability to stand up to 12 hours without fatigue or discomfort.
    Ability to work steady for up to 14 hours.
    Ability to work in hostile atmosphere.

    Be able to work 95% of the time inside.
    Be able to work 5% of the time outside.
    Be able to work in a non-air-conditioned building.
    Be able to work under fluorescent lighting.
    Tolerate heat and humidity.
    Tolerate wet and cold.
    Tolerate high levels of noise.