Career Academy Director

  • JOB TITLE:  Career Academy Director (Half-Time)
    REPORTS TO;  CCSD Coordinator of Career-Technical Education
    JOB DESCRIPTOR:______   SCHEDULE:______ DATE:  July, 2007
    The Career Academy Director is responsible for planning, organizing, developing and implementing the Energy Academy for Campbell County High School in the fall semester of 2008.
                ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:
    Work effectively with Energy Academy faculty and staff.
    Identify exemplary Career Academies for visitation, guidance, possible replication and assistance with implementation.
    Identify and gain commitments from appropriate business and industry representatives to serve on the academy advisory team by October 1, 2007.
    Communicate effectively with the career academy staff, the BOCHES Director, the Career and Technical Education Director and other school administrators, especially the high school principal(s) and the faculty.
    Communicate, when appropriate, with the Campbell County School District Board of Education and the BOCHES Board.
    Assist the selected academy teachers and the appropriate CTE teachers in developing project-based activities for the Energy Academy.
    Assist the selected academy teachers and the appropriate CTE teachers in developing the curriculum outline for the Energy Academy.
    Assist the selected academy teachers and the appropriate CTE teachers in identifying the proper sequence(s) of CTE courses including at least one semester of articulated coursework at Gillette College.
    Develop a plan to identify the students who will be included within the academy by October 1, 2007.
    Prepare student and parent letters, brochures and/or other marketing materials by January 1, 2008 to advertise the academy.
    Prepare the information necessary for inclusion of the Energy Academy in the Campbell County High School Course Book by January 1, 2008.
     Evaluate progress and the action plan to determine where and if changes need to be made.
    Career Academy Director (Half-time)
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    Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor.
    Identify resources written or otherwise to assist with the implementation of the academy and/or subsequent academies.
    Facilitate in-services, conferences, classes or other professional development opportunities for interested personnel from the Energy Academy and for subsequent Career Academies.
    Assist with preparation of materials for public relations and projects related to the academies. 
    Knowledge of a variety of Small Learning Communities
    Knowledge of Career Academies beneficial
    Ability to communicate with a variety of audiences
    Ability to write clearly and concisely
    Ability to think creatively
    Ability to work with people of various personality types
                Valid Teaching Certificate preferred
                EQUIPMENT USED:
                Computers, printers, In-focus Projectors, other technology as required
                Photocopy and FAX machines and telephone
                PHYSICAL DEMANDS:
    Ability to spend reasonable time at a computer
                Limited regional/national travel required