Welding Technology Teacher – J77

  • REPORTS TO: Associate PrincipalDEPARTMENT: Career Technical Education (CTE)

    The purpose of a teacher's job is to teach students to read, write, problem solve, compute, how to find information, how to think, how to work cooperatively with others, and to meet all district-required curriculum objectives.



    Plans and implements a program of study that meets individual needs, interests, and abilities within the CCSD curriculum.
    Implements curriculum objectives and goals using effective teaching techniques and materials.
    Develops, in a cooperative manner with the principal and vocational director, a plan for the improvement and enrichment of instruction.
    Utilizes an advisory committee of local industry representatives.
    Continuously reviews and updates program/skill standards based on the SCANS skills.
    Writes weekly lesson plans describing daily learning experiences correlated to curriculum objectives, as required by CCSD administration.
    Monitors and assesses student progress and provides feedback on a regular basis to students and parents/guardians.
    Diagnoses, instructs, and evaluates specific students' needs and seeks assistance of specialists as needed.
    Communicates aims/objectives to students in a well-planned, organized manner in clear, concise terms.
    Creates a classroom environment conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity of the students.
    Assists administration in implementing all policies, vision, mission, philosophy, regulations, and rules of CCSD.
    Creates educational experiences to provide students with opportunities to develop potential in self-esteem, personal-social adjustment, decision-making, and other life skills. Attempts to lead each student to an understanding and appreciation of the principles of democracy and endeavors to develop in each student a spirit of patriotism, with a full understanding that American citizenship involves responsibilities as well as privileges.
    Respects the dignity of each student as an individual and attempts to gain an adequate understanding of his/her needs, interests, abilities, aptitudes, temperament, and environmental influences, as a basis on which to meet his/her needs, and to treat him/her with fairness and courtesy.
    Communicates concerns and ideas with colleagues, parents, students, and community in a positive, solution-oriented manner.
    Assumes legal responsibilities for the discipline and supervision of students in the classroom, on school property, or in attendance at school-sponsored activities at all times and maintains a high standard of conduct and good rapport with students.
    Strives to maintain and improve professional competence.
    Assumes professional and personal responsibility for the management and progress of classes under his/her authority, direction, and supervision.
    Assumes individual responsibilities assigned by principal/supervisor which may relate to committee work, student activities, student supervision, or other planning and professional assignments.
    Maintains accurate, complete, legible, and correct records as required by law, CCSD policy, and administrative regulation.
    Takes necessary precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.
    Conducts oneself in a business-like and task-oriented manner.
    Strives to be a good employee as well as an effective teacher.
    Seeks to establish friendly and cooperative relationships between the home and the school.
    Provides parents with information that will serve the best interests of their children and is discreet with information received from parents.
    Maintains the equipment and lab according to OSHA standards where applicable.
    Instructs all students in the safe operation of all equipment and watches that students use the equipment in a correct and safe manner.
    Gives a written safety test to all students and ensures they will receive a 100% before allowing them to work in the lab.

    Attends all CTE curriculum and department meetings.
    Attends and supervises curriculum oriented field trips.
    Attends parent and staff meetings.
    Keeps informed by reading building and district communications.
    Responds to requests for information in a timely manner.



    Possess a broad general knowledge of all subject areas with specific knowledge needed in contract areas.
    Possess group dynamics and interpersonal skills.
    Possess knowledge of psychological, emotional, and educational behavioral development of children.
    Possess classroom management skills which include discipline as well as record keeping and assessment ability.
    Possess technological and computer skills.
    Possess problem solving, imagination, patience, reasoning, creativity, judgment, and analytical abilities.
    Possess a knowledge of lab equipment and how to properly use and maintain it.

    Possess all certificates required for the State of Wyoming.
    Possess at a minimum a Bachelor's Degree.
    Continues to pursue graduate level classes for professional growth.
    Calculator/Adding MachineTelephoneAC/DC Welder
    VCRMovie ProejctorOxy-acetylene Welder
    Slide ProjectorLaser PlayerMIG Welder
    OverheadComputerTIG Welder
    Metal BandsawHand Shop ToolPower Hand Tool
    GrinderDrill PressMetal Cut-Off Saw

    Be able to stand, walk, and sit for long periods without fatigue or discomfort.
    Be able to lift up to 50 pounds and carry 50 feet.
    Be able to push up to 200 pounds up to 30 feet.
    Be able to pull up to 100 pounds up to 50 feet.
    Be able to carry up to 25 pounds for 50 feet throughout the work day.
    Be able to stoop, kneel, crouch, reach, handle, finger, talk, hear, and see.

    Be able to spend most of the time inside classrooms with some work outside in cold/hot weather.
    Be able to tolerate noise up to 90 decibels.
    Constant exposure to dusts and welding fumes.
    Frequent exposure to weather extremes.
    Frequent exposure to various supplies containing hazardous materials or chemicals.
    Some employees may be occupationally exposed to bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials based on task and procedures required.