3280-R Investments

  • Statement of Receipt of Policy and Statutes

    Agreement to Abide by All Provisions

    I understand that Wyoming state law and Policy 3280 require me to read said Policy 3280 and agree to abide by applicable state statutes with respect to advice I give and the transactions I undertake on behalf of Campbell County School District. I understand applicable statutes include, but are not limited to, W.S. 9-4-801, et seq. and specifically the limitations on investments contained in W.S. 9-4-831 as amended.

    I acknowledge having read Policy 3280 and having received a copy of the state statutes listed here, and I agree to comply with the provisions set forth therein.

    I.  Broker Information
    A.   Name of Firm: ____________________________________  
    B.   Local Address:____________________________________        
    C.   National Address: __________________________________        
    D.   Telephone No.: Local (____)____________;  National (____)_____________                        
    E.   Primary representative/manager/partner in
         Phone: (_____)_________________  
    II.     Statement of Additional Investment Restrictions        
    Campbell County School District further restricts its investments as provided:
    Signature: ______________________________________      Date:_________________
    (Individual/Broker/Officer of Firm)  
    _______________________________________________      Date: __________________                        
    Signature (Official of C.C.S.D.)
    ADOPTION DATE: April 14, 1997; Reviewed with no revision May 10, 2005; Reviewed with no revision September 23, 2014

    LEGAL REFERENCE(S): W.S. 9-4-817 through 9-4-831

    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 3280 , 3290 , 8400