• Facts About Campbell County School District


    With an 8750 student enrollment, Campbell County School District is the third largest school district in Wyoming.


    The District encompasses all 4,761 square miles of Campbell County in northeastern Wyoming-over 3,000,000 acres in total area.


    The District's 24 school facilities include 17 elementary schools, 1 Virtual Elementary and 6 secondary campuses.


    The District has approximately 1,800 full-time and part-time employees, divided almost equally between certified and non-certified personnel.

    Student/Teacher Ratio

    18 students to 1 teacher (district-wide average)


    CCSD #1 teachers are involved in a district-wide collaborative process in developing aligned curriculum for all nine of the Wyoming Content Standards. This includes prioritizing the content standards, implementing and validating the aligned curriculum, determining the resources used in support of the curriculum, developing common assessments, and analyzing impact and student achievement data for the evaluation of district curriculum.  CCSD attempts to align with the state standard revision schedule in conducting curriculum reviews for every grade level in each content area once every nine years.    


    Campbell County School District supports a wide area network with over 10,000 devices that connect to administrative and learning systems.

    CCSD is dedicated to supporting teachers and students in blended learning environments focused on anywhere, anytime, any device access to digital tools. Through our partnership with Google and our adoption of Google Apps for Education, our students and teachers use a cloud based productivity suite that seamlessly saves work and promotes sharing and collaboration.

    Our district has adopted the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) standards. These standards are used as a framework in guiding our district’s technology adoption and integration practices.

    Aquatic Center

    Campbell County School District has invested in Aquatics education for every student in the district for over 30 years. Aquatics are a valuable part of the district physical education curriculum. Nationally known for its excellence, this facility regularly hosts local, state and regional competitions. In addition, it has been host to various collegiate and national swimming and diving events.

    Science Center-Adventurarium

    Campbell County School District’s Science Center-Adventurarium is a unique hands-on science center located in the Lakeway Learning Center. The Science Center is home to many unique animals, a 3D-Augmented Reality Sandbox, a phosphorescent shadow wall, as well as many other exciting science exhibits. Thousands of students and the public visit each year. The Science Center serves as an extension to district science classrooms and is also available to the public on weekdays. For more information, contact the Science Center at 686-3821.


    One of just three planetariums in the state, thousands of students and adults from several school districts visit the C.C.S.D. Planetarium for classes and programs each year.

    Special Education

    The department of Special Services is responsible for providing support to students with a variety of special needs through a wide range of specialized services and educational programs. The Campbell County School District provides specialized instruction and related services to students who qualify for public school services. 

    Gifted and Talented

    The GATE Program in Campbell County School District is comprised of two parts, Gifted and Talented and Enrichment. The curriculum in the Gifted and Talented program focuses on Critical and Creative Thinking, Problem Solving Strategies, Affective Skills, Research Skills, Learning/Study/Organizational Skills, and Career Exploration.   The enrichment program focuses on providing more in-depth activities in language arts and math. The GATE teacher is available to provide enrichment activities for the students in the regular classroom. 

    Career Technical Education / Tech Prep

    Career and Technical Education in Campbell County School District supports Career and College Readiness, integrating both CTE and core academic skills. Four Career Academies are available to students grades 9-12 focusing on student career goals and providing a “program of study” for each. Career and Technical Education students are also encouraged to complete mentorships and internships in the community. Employers are a large part of providing direction and support for CTE classes. College credit is available in capstone Career and Technical Education classes and students are encouraged to take advantage of earning college credit while still in high school.

    Alternative School

    Westwood High School offers an innovative high school program for students who are in danger of dropping out because of difficulty in a traditional high school setting. In addition to Westwood, Twin Spruce Junior High School and Sage Valley Junior High School also offer an alternative school for junior high age students who are in danger of dropping out of school.


    Campbell County School District is fully accredited by the Wyoming State Department of Education, and all schools are North Central Association certified.

    Staff Development

    CCSD #1 provides robust staff development offerings which are aligned with the strategic initiatives of the district and are in support of school improvement plans.  Staff development supports both certified and classified employees with both credit and non-credit opportunities.  


    Nearly 5,000 students are transported each day to and from school. Campbell County School District buses log over 2 million miles per year including activity trips and field trips.

    Early Childhood

    Ready 4 Learning is a Title I funded pre-kindergarten program for children who are four years of age on or before September 15 of that school year. Screening for admittance into this program occurs in the spring with a fall start date.

    Junior K is a kindergarten preparatory program for students who through a screening process are identified as needing additional support prior to entering kindergarten. Kinder students must be five years old on or before September 15 of that school year to benefit from this program.

    Jumpstart is a summer program for children who will be attending CCSD kindergarten in the fall and is based on student need and teacher recommendation.  The student’s homeschool can assist in Jumpstart inquiries.