Substitute Teachers

  • The Human Resource office coordinates the employment and placement of substitute teachers. We also provide orientation and training for our substitutes.

    For more information please contact:
    Desiree Kannegieter
    Human Resources Specialist
    • The Campbell County School District has implemented an automated placement system that streamlines the notification and scheduling process for substitutes. 
    • SmartFind utilizes both the telephone and the internet to assist substitutes in locating jobs.
    • Users guides can be located and accessed by clicking on the links located in the Files section of this website.


    Please read carefully

    Substitute teacher applicants must complete the Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB) APPLICATION FOR SUBSTITUTE PERMIT, which can also be accessed at

    When applying for a substitute permit you will need:

    1. $50.00 - for the substitute teacher permit (valid for 5 years)
    2. $50.00 - for the fingerprint processing to the state
    3. $5.00 – cash to local police department at time of actual fingerprinting process
    4. Applicants must provide official college transcripts
    5. Verification of U.S. and Wyoming Constitution courses or tests (see below)

    The two $50.00 fees can be combined when submitting to PTSB.  They will accept credit card payments, checks or money orders for $100.00 but NO CASH.  Please make checks or money orders payable to PTSB.


    • Wyoming PTSB requires that all substitute teachers have successfully completed a minimum of 60 semester hours of college course work. It is your responsibility to have your official transcript(s) submitted with your application to PTSB.  When you receive your transcripts DO NOT OPEN THEM, they need to be in the sealed envelope(s) when submitted with the application to PTSB. 


    • Official fingerprint cards are available at the Educational Services Center located at 1000 West 8th Fingerprinting is to be completed at the Gillette Police Department which is located at 201 E. 5th St.   

              DO NOT FILL OUT THE FINGERPRINT CARDS – they will fill out all sections while you are there.  The Police Department will ONLY fingerprint on Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 1:00pm-4:30pm.  You              will need a valid driver’s license and $5.00 cash.


    • PTSB also requires successful completion of courses in Wyoming State Government and US Government. If you have taken these two courses for college credit, they will be verified on your official transcripts.  If you have not taken the government courses in college, study guides for both tests can also be obtained at Educational Services Center and the tests can be administered at ESC by calling (307) 682-5171 to schedule an appointment to complete the tests.  There are 20 multiple choice questions on each test.  You must score at least 15 out of 20 questions correctly and you may take the tests again if necessary.

    Listed below are the five Wyoming college and university courses that PTSB accepts to fulfill both U.S. & Wyoming Constitution requirement:

    • HIST 1211: US History to 1865; HIST 1221: US History from 1865; HIST 1251: Wyoming History;  POLS 1000: American & Wyoming Government; ECON 1200: Business, Law, & Government

    Transfer students who completed US Government or US History elsewhere may have fulfilled the Wyoming Government portion by completing:

    • POLS 1000 XM: American & Wyoming Government with a grade of “S” for 1 credit by exam through the Political Science Dept.; POLS 1100: Wyoming Government

    Once above requirements are completed, please submit the following to PTSB:

    • Application – completed and signed
    • Fee payment with payment attached
    • Fingerprint cards (2)
    • Official transcript(s) posted on official transcript paper for verification of college credits (in sealed envelope(s)
    • S. and Wyoming Constitution form signed or with transcripts or exams attached for verification


    NOTE:  You are welcome to bring by your completed application and above mentioned items to the Human Resources office located at Educational Services Center to be reviewed before mailing to the PTSB.


    Mail To: 

    Professional Teaching Standards Board

    1920 Thomes Avenue, Suite 400

    Cheyenne, WY 82002


    *Please allow PTSB 4-6 weeks to process your substitute teacher application


    Upon receipt of your substitute teacher permit in the mail, please visit the Campbell County School District website at  Click on employment tab, then job opening & online application link.  You will then click on the substitute teacher position and fill out necessary paperwork and upload your substitute teacher permit.


    NOTE: You will not become an active substitute with the district until have filled out the application for the position on the school district website, uploaded your certificate online and been contacted by Human Resources.


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