Wellness Screenings


    United in the Pursuit of Wellness

    The health and safety of our employees is important for many reasons. We know healthy people are happier, more productive, and are good role models for our younger generation. Please take this opportunity to get a thorough wellness check and make sure you are on the path to enjoying a healthy life!  

     Goal Participation Rate = 85%

    Qualifies for a 4% discount


    CCSD Wellness Screening is done

    through CCH's Wellness team

    Please make an Appointment for your

    Wellness Screening

    Schedule ONLINE: cchwyo.org/CCSD (Company Code: CCSD123) or Call 688-8055

    CCSD Wellness has a new location: 1405 West 4th Street

    Screening Hours: Monday -Friday, 6 am -11 am


    2021 Wellness Screening Calendar 

    2 ways to complete:

    1- Attend a screening event at a CCSD Location between 


    2- Complete a screening at CCH Wellness Clinic (New Location) between


    Blood Pressure Affidavit

    MUST be submitted by May 14, 2021 

    MUST be submitted on the official affidavit form



    Please click the link for more information and a short video regarding blood pressure.