3375-R Textbook Disposal Procedures

  • Textbooks and library books which no longer fit the district's curriculum or are not in usable condition are to be discarded using the following guidelines:

    A. Building principals or designated personnel are to send inventories of textbooks and library books to be declared surplus to the Finance Department no later than the 21st day of May.

    B. The Associate Superintendent for Instructional Support will declare books submitted in Item A as surplus.  Once approved as surplus, books may be sold or distributed to any interested party during the final week of the school year.  Locations which sell books may retain proceeds in the building activity account.

    C. The following steps will be taken in disposing of surplus textbooks: 
    • After May 30, remaining books may be discarded.  If a large number of books needs to be discarded, enter a work order for maintenance to pick up the books for disposal.
    • In the event of a new textbook adoption, old textbooks will be offered to companies that deal in used books or to local non-profit entities in the community.  In this case, the Curriculum Office will contact schools to arrange the pick up process for textbooks.
    D. Exceptions to the sequence and timing of steps listed above may be granted by the Associate Superintendent for Instructional Support.

    ADOPTION DATE: February 12, 1985; Revised June 17, 1985; July 7, 1987; July 17, 1987; June 13, 1988; January 25, 1990; Renumbered August 28, 1995 (formerly 3331-R); Revised editorially December 11, 2000; Revised May 10, 2005; Minor and editorial revision October 14, 2014.