3500 Unused School Lunch Credit

  • Students who have credit remaining in the School Lunch Fund account when they leave Campbell County School District, or after the last day of an academic year, are entitled to full refunds. When possible, refunds will be issued by the school on the last day of attendance. Credits not refunded at the end of the school year may be refunded by check or carried over to the next school year as a credit in the student's account.

    For students who leave during the school year without requesting a refund, a check will automatically be processed and sent to the parent or guardian's last known address.

    All checks which have not been cashed or are undeliverable will be voided after a 12-month period and the funds forwarded to the Office of the State Treasurer, Unclaimed Property Division.

    ADOPTION DATE: July 9, 1991; Reviewed September 11, 1995; Revised April 28, 1997; Editorial revision September 13, 2005; Reviewed with no changes October 14, 2014

    LEGAL REFERENCE(S): W.S. 34-24-113; W.S. 34-24-118; W.S. 21-13-103