3701 Energy Conservation Programs

  • The district is responsible for the efficient use of all natural resources. The district's success in achieving effective energy use, conservation and efficiency requires and depends upon cooperation at all levels. Therefore, every employee, student, school volunteer and contractor is expected to contribute to and actively participate in energy conservation and efficiency goals, and to be an "energy saver." All employees are directed to conserve energy in the areas of heating, cooling, and lighting of facilities, the use of hot water and other material resources, and the operation of all equipment.

    Goals for District Energy Program

    1. Conserve energy so that the instructional program and support services can be effectively delivered while conserving energy dollars.

    2. Eliminate amounts of energy waste in our buildings while ensuring a comfortable and safe learning environment for all students and staff.

    3. Educate every student and employee to contribute to energy efficiency in our District. Every person will be expected to be an "energy saver."

    ADOPTION DATE: November 13, 1979; Editorial Revision August 14, 1984; Reviewed December 8, 1992; August 28, 1995; Reviewed September 27, 2005; Revised November 11, 2014