4020 Recruitment, Selection and Hiring: Nondiscrimination

  • It is recognized that the effectiveness of an educational program is directly related to the dedication, ability and training of the staff. Therefore, staff selection decisions have far-reaching educational effects and are of major importance in determining the quality of the district's educational program. 

    Staff selection and hiring should be based on skill and ability; education and training; compatibility and support for district mission, vision, and philosophy; experience; and job performance. The selection process should be a cooperative effort between the administrator/supervisor and the Human Resources Department and should result in the selection of staff members who are the best qualified or qualifiable to perform the tasks for which they are employed. 

    The selection procedure consists of the following eight steps:

    I. The Pre-Advertisement Process

    II. The Advertisement Process

    III. The Application Process

    IV. The Screening Process

    V. The Interview Process

    VI. Reference Checks

    VII. The Supervisor's Recommendation

    VIII. Board of Trustees Approval

    IX. The Hiring, Training, and Placement Process

    When it is in the best interest of the district, exceptions to the hiring practices may be made.

    November 12, 1991; February 10, 1997; February 22, 1999; Revised November 8, 2005; Reviewed with no changes December 9, 2014