• 5035 Attendance Areas and Attendance Area Change Requests 

    5035 Attendance Areas and Attendance Area Change Requests

    Attendance Areas

    Attendance areas will be established for District schools to encourage neighborhood schools, support appropriate instructional environments, maximize facility utilization, and support the educational plan of the District.

    The Superintendent is responsible for establishing attendance area boundaries for all schools each year. Students are expected to attend the schools within their attendance areas unless the District offers or requires an alternative placement. When appropriate, the District will assume responsibility for transportation when students are mandated to attend schools out of their attendance areas due to overcrowding or other compelling reasons.

    Major attendance area boundary changes will require approval by the Board of Trustees. At least one public hearing is to be held, with appropriate public notice, prior to submission of a final recommendation to the Board.

    Elementary Attendance Area Change Requests

    Parents who want their child to attend a school other than the one in their attendance area should contact the principal of the receiving school to complete an Attendance Area Change Request form. Parents who receive an approved attendance area change are responsible for transportation to and from school.

    Campbell County School District will not be obligated to provide transportation to or from school in another attendance area, or pay isolation, unless a transfer is initiated by the school district and other criteria are met as established in the accompanying regulation.

    Secondary Attendance Area Change Requests

    Campbell County School District (CCSD) has guidelines for attendance area boundaries, as well as the feeder school system from elementary to junior high to high school. Starting at the eighth grade level, students who attend their first practice or first day of school (whichever comes first) at a CCSD junior high school will establish eligibility for high school activities.

    If a parent wants their child to attend a secondary school other than the one in their attendance area, they will need to complete an Attendance Area Change Request form and turn it in to the receiving school principal. The receiving junior high school principal will consult with the appropriate feeder high school principal on attendance area change requests. Both principals will approve or deny all secondary attendance area change requests. Attendance area change requests made after the first practice or first day of school will follow the same protocol listed above.

    ADOPTION DATE: May 24, 1977; Revised Oct. 28, 1986; Revised Jan. 12, 1988; Revised Jan. 26, 1988; Revised May 9, 1994 (formerly 5117 and 5117.1) ; Reviewed April 8, 2003; Reviewed March 11, 2008; Revised November 22, 2016; Revised July 18, 2018


    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 5030, 5030-R