5045 Late Enrollment

  • The board realizes a student needs to attend a majority of the class periods within a semester to properly benefit from the course offered and to have a reasonable chance of successful passage of the course.

    Students not covered by the Compulsory Attendance Statute wishing to enroll for credit in a regular school program in Campbell County School District must do so by the end of the fourth week of any given semester unless there is verification that the student was enrolled in, and regularly attended, another educational institution; was under home bound instruction; or was under medical care that would prevent normal enrollment.

    Equal comparable work may be requested to be completed for all days not enrolled on a schedule established within a week after enrollment. Failure to complete make-up work may result in a failing grade for that semester.

    Extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the individual student may provide justifiable reason for late entry. The Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee is authorized to make judgment in such cases.

    ADOPTION DATE: November 26, 1974; Revised February 14, 1994; Reviewed March 25, 2008; Revised September 26, 2017


    CROSS REFERENCE(S): Formerly Policy 5115