5107 Crisis Management

  • Our students have a basic need for safety and security. Any event which threatens that feeling of safety and security will be considered a crisis. The possibilities for crisis situations that could impact the District are unlimited. Those include, but may not be limited to, suicide, acts of violence, death, or trauma.
    Each school will develop a Crisis Management Plan which will include actions to:
    1. prevent crisis situations from occurring,
    2. deal with the immediate aftermath of crises, and
    3. provide long-term follow-up for those affected by crises.
    ADOPTION DATE: July 28, 1992; Reviewed September 27, 1993; Revised September 24, 2002; Revised May 13, 2008; Revised August 1, 2017
    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 5105, 5105-R, 5250