5107-R Crisis Management

  • Building Level Teams
    In each school, a building level team will develop a crisis management plan to deal with prevention, crisis aftermath and long-term follow-up. The building team will be composed of building staff. Members of the team should have an interest in crisis management, be willing to serve, and have the time and flexibility to be trained and respond in crisis situations.

    The suggested chair of the building team is the building principal. Other suggested members of building teams include counselors, teachers, psychologists, social workers, nurses, members of alcohol and drug abuse preventions teams, and clerical staff.
    All team members will serve as liaisons with specified groups within the school and community. Team members will be responsible for the following: Law enforcement, medical, students, parents, public information, clergy, and mental health agencies.

    ADOPTION DATE: July 28, 1992; Reviewed September 27, 1993: Revised May 13, 2008; Revised August 1, 2017
    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 5105, 5105-R, 5107, 5250