5123-R Student Retention and Promotion

  • Grades K-6 
    Campbell County School District recognizes that additional time is required by some students to be able to perform successfully at grade level. Therefore, programs such as Extended Learning Opportunities and other building and District programs are provided to help meet the needs of these learners. However, if the student is not performing at grade level after these substantial interventions, he or she may be retained.
    The decision for retention lies with the building teachers and principal with input from the parent.  Parents should be notified by the end of the third quarter if there is any possibility of retention. Students enrolling during second semester that are being considered for retention will be notified on a case-by-case basis.
    Junior High
    To be promoted to the next grade, a pupil must pass the equivalent of five full-year courses in the current academic year.  The five courses passed must include two courses from the following list:  mathematics, English, science and social studies.  The remaining three may be from any other courses taken.  The parent/guardian of a student desiring promotion with four or more credits, yet failing to meet specific credits required for promotion, must apply to the appropriate junior or senior high school principal for a waiver of the requirements.
    Parents should be notified by the end of the third quarter if there is any possibility of retention.  Notice of retention will be mailed within two weeks of the completion of the academic year. Face-to-face meetings are encouraged.
    Campbell County School District High Schools Graduation Progress
    High school students residing in, or moving to, Campbell County School District will all have their progress toward on-time graduation measured against the date at which they began high school. A student's expected on-time, 4-year, high school graduation year is based on the year and the grade in which the student first attended high school.
    High school students will have their progress towards on-time graduation measured by the total credits that are attained each year. High school students that do not successfully attain credits will be notified of the possibility of not graduating on time and will be identified as at-risk of not graduating with their class. 
    ADOPTION DATE: January 12, 1988; revised July 12, 1988; revised March 13, 2000; Reviewed October 14, 2008; Revised and Re-numbered July 21, 2010; Revised August 28, 2012;Revised October 24, 2017; Revised June 11, 2019