5131 Alcohol, Drugs, and Controlled Substances

  • The possession, distribution or use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drugs for which the user does not have a lawful prescription, or substances which are used in such a manner as to be dangerous to the student in any school building, on school grounds, at any school function, or while on any school sponsored trip is prohibited.  Students are prohibited from being in any school building, on school grounds, or at any school function while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or controlled substances.

    Any student suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substance may be removed from the classroom, school building, school grounds, or school function pending further investigation. 

    The reference herein to “other substance” is intended to prohibit the use, possession or distribution, including smoking, huffing, inhaling, consuming, absorbing or otherwise ingesting for the purpose of generating a high or otherwise altering the mental processing or impairing the consumer’s judgment or motor skills, or for use contrary to the lawful and intended use of the substance.  Such substances include, but are not limited to, glue, paint, Dust-off, petroleum products, “spice”, “K-2”, Juuling like pods or cartridges containing THC, or any other substance, whether organic or non-organic, which are utilized in such a manner as to create a high or otherwise alter the mental processing or impair the consumer’s judgment or motor skills or in such a way as to be contrary to their intended use or purpose. It is also prohibited to have in the student’s possession, be under the influence of, or have in the student’s blood stream any intoxicant, inhalant (not intended for that specific purpose or need) or any substance represented by the student to be a “drug” as defined by this policy. In addition, it is prohibited for a student to possess “drug paraphernalia” as defined by the Wyoming Controlled Substances Act 1971.  It is the policy of the District that the possession, use or distribution of substances represented as drugs is detrimental to the education, safety, and welfare of students.

    A student who violates any part of this policy shall be subject to discipline which may include suspension or expulsion.

    To help students who are identified as abusing alcohol/drugs/substances, District and community resources will be available to work toward overcoming this illegal use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs or substances.  Students may self-refer or be remanded to such District and community resource providers.  The responsibility of correcting an identified problem is that of the student and his/her parent(s).

    The District will develop programs to educate students to bring about awareness and understanding of the dangers inherent in the use/abuse of alcohol, tobacco, controlled drugs, or other substances. 

    The District will provide counseling services that will make it possible for students to seek and obtain interventions for drugs/substances and/or alcohol-related problems or will provide counseling as to where appropriate help can be received.



    Alcoholic Beverages--Any alcoholic liquor or malt beverage as defined by Wyoming statutes.

    Tobacco--Any substance containing tobacco leaf, or any product made or derived from tobacco that contains nicotine, including but not limited to cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers or Juul-like devices, cigars, pipe tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco or dipping tobacco.

    Electronic Cigarettes and Vaporizers, and Juul-like Devices -- Any product that employs any mechanical heating element, battery or electronic circuit, regardless of shape or size, which can be used to deliver doses of nicotine vapor or any other substance by means of heating a liquid, wax, or other solution contained in a cartridge or alternate delivery system.

    Drug--Any controlled substance as defined by Wyoming statutes.

    Drug paraphernalia—Drug paraphernalia means all equipment, products and materials described in the Wyoming Controlled Substances Act of 1971 and any amendment thereof of and of any kind when used, advertised for use, intended for use or designed for use for manufacturing, converting, preparing, packaging, repackaging, storing, containing, concealing, injecting, ingesting, inhaling or otherwise introducing into the human body a controlled substance in violation of this act and includes:

    (1) Objects when used, advertised for use, intended for use or designed for use in injecting controlled substances into the human body;

    (2) The following objects when used, advertised for use, intended for use or designed for use in ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise introducing tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, hashish or hashish oil, or any other controlled substance into the human body:

    a. Metal, acrylic, glass, stone, plastic or ceramic pipes with or without screens, permanent screens, hashish heads or punctured metal bowls; 
    b. Bongs; 
    . e-cigarettes or electronic smoking devices such as Juuls
    d. vaporizers or vaping devices

    Substance--Any substance, whether organic, or non-organic, which can be smoked, huffed, inhaled, consumed, absorbed, or otherwise ingested for the purpose of generating a high or otherwise altering the mental processing, or impairing the consumer’s judgment or motor skills, or for the use contrary to the lawful and intended use of the substance, excluding any substance taken pursuant to a lawful medical prescription or which is used in the manner in which it is intended to be used for a legitimate medical or healthy condition. The term substance includes, but is not limited to glue, paint, Dust-Off, petroleum products, “spice”, “K-2”, and Juul-like pods or cartridges containing THC.


    Drug or Substance Trafficking/Providing--Any involvement in the process of delivery or actual delivery of a drug/substance or any substance delivered or in the process of being delivered which is represented by the trafficker to be a drug or substance as defined in this policy.


    Possession--Any exercise of control or dominion.


    Suspected--Reasonable suspicion (Based on observations and/or information received which would lead a reasonable person to believe that the student has violated or is violating this policy).


    Under the influence--Ingestion of alcoholic beverage or dangerous/illegal drug  or substance affecting any physical or mental capacity/ability.

    ADOPTION DATE: July 13, 1976, Revised July 19, 2000; Reviewed December 9, 2008; Revised January 27, 2009; Major Revision December 14, 2010; Revised April 8, 2014; Revised August 28, 2018
    LEGAL REFERENCE(S): Wyoming Controlled Substances Act of 1971
    CROSS REFERENCE(S): Policy 4336, Use of Tobacco Products and Electronic Vaping Device