5132 Student Appearance

  • Students are expected to dress appropriately when they are in school or participating in school activities. Rules concerning student dress may be established by the school administration to ensure that the student dress meets standards of cleanliness, healthfulness, and safety; and does not disrupt the educational process.

    Generally the responsibility for dress and appearance of the student will rest with the individual student and his/her parents, however, students will not be permitted to wear:


    -        clothing which creates an offensive environment by the display of slogans, objects, or pictures which are sexually suggestive, or which promote the use of drugs, alcohol, or gang activity; or


    -        clothing that is revealing or distracting which could be considered immodest clothing which is sexually offensive; or


    -        unsanitary clothing which poses a health problem.


    Students whose dress is not appropriate may be sent home to change or required to make other adjustments until appropriate clothing can be obtained.


    Coaches and/or other staff supervising extra-curricular activities may make other dress requirements applicable to students participating in athletic and/or other extracurricular activity events.


    ADOPTION DATE: February 14, 1984; revised June 24, 1986; revised May 10, 1988; revised May 26, 1998; Major Revision June 14, 2011