5165 Graduation

  • Diplomas
    A diploma signifying graduation from Campbell County High School, Thunder Basin High School, Wright Junior-Senior High School, or Westwood High School will be awarded to any student who has fully met all graduation requirements stated in district policy and Wyoming law.
    No diploma or credit for a course which has been completed successfully will be denied a student who has earned it. Diplomas will not be deemed earned until payment has been made for all indebtedness due the District.
    Students who complete requirements for graduation after September 1 (late graduates) will receive diplomas for the school year in which the requirements were completed.  Students enrolling in other high schools, colleges, or in any correspondence course not supervised by Campbell County School District high schools must have approval of building administration in order for credits from those institutions to count toward high school graduation.
    Students placed by the District in a school not operated by the District, but with the authority to grant diplomas, will have the choice of receiving the diploma of the school attended or the diploma from Campbell County School District if all credit requirements are met.  If parent(s)/guardian(s) disagree with a decision regarding graduation of a student operating under an individualized education program, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be encouraged to follow the guidelines set forth in the Wyoming Department of Education IDEA Procedural Safeguards.
    Graduation Exercises
    Any student who has fully met the graduation requirements as set forth by the Board of Trustees will be allowed to participate in graduation exercises, with the following exceptions:
    The privilege of participating in graduation exercises may be denied any senior who is in violation of any school policy wherein time does not allow full disposition of the case prior to such exercises.  After full disposition of the case, the student will have the option of receiving his/her diploma immediately, with no ceremony involved.
    ADOPTION DATE: May 9, 1994; Revised July 21, 2010; Revised October 24, 2017

    LEGAL REFERENCE(S): Wyoming State Board of Education Rules & Regulations Governing Services for Disabled Children in Wyoming School Districts; Amended Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1983

    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 5121, 5121-R, 5158, 5158-R