5201-R Life-Threatening Allergies or Other Special Health Care Needs

  • Campbell County School District nursing staff will develop, implement, and revise plans and protocols to care for students and staff with life-threatening allergies or other special health conditions.
    In the development and implementation of plans, district nurses may consult with local healthcare providers, parents, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), district Nutrition Services Department, Transportation Department, teachers, or administrators.
    Plans will address:
    1. Identification of students with life-threatening allergies or other special health care needs.
    2. Development of Individualized Health Care Plans for students with life-threatening allergies or special medical conditions.
    3. Administration of medications and provision of medical treatments according to district policies and regulations as needed for students with life-threatening allergies or special medical conditions. Plans will include training of select school personnel in the administration of the medications and other care as identified in student emergency response plans and individual care plans.
    4. Education and training of school nurses and select school personnel in the care of life-threatening allergies and special medical conditions will include:
    a. Education about conditions and issues
    b. Utilization of emergency care plans and individual health care plans
    c. Medication administration and treatment provision
    d. Strategies to minimize the risk of exposure to allergens (Please refer to Regulation 5202 for prevention of allergen exposure)
    e. Safety interventions and protocols
    f. Sanitation procedures
    g. Specific accommodations for field trips and other activities and events
    5. Medical information will be provided by nursing staff to Nutrition Services personnel and other district staff as appropriate, on a need to know basis. Medication information may include student photos to help with student identification. Collaboration with Nutrition Services staff is essential in assisting students with life-threatening food allergies to participate in the school meal program. The Campbell County School District Nutrition Services director is responsible for ensuring the district nutrition service program is operated in compliance with state and local regulations.
    6. Providing a safe educational environment for students with life-threatening allergies or other special medical conditions is optimized when responsibilities of each party is defined. Responsibilities of all parties, including students, parents/guardians, and school personnel will be identified in plans.
    7. Plans will be updated as needed and communicated to appropriate school district personnel.
    ADOPTION DATE: May 8, 2007; Revised May 12, 2015; Revised January 23, 2018
    LEGAL REFERENCE(S): The Americans With Disabilities Act 1990 (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Individuals With Disabilities Education Act of 1976 (IDEA)
    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 5202-R Campbell County School District Regulation