5210-R Communicable Diseases, Immunizations, and Throat Cultures, and Universal Precautions

  • I. Communicable Diseases
    For the purpose of this regulation, communicable diseases are identified as those which may be transmitted from one person to another either directly or indirectly. Campbell County School District personnel will consult appropriate resources for the care of students or employees with communicable diseases and illnesses.  Atypical situations or communicable diseases not covered in the reference texts will be considered and managed on an individual basis by district nursing services personnel.  Utilizing local, state, and/or national resources, decisions will be made in the best interest of the affected school district population.

    II. Immunizations
    Campbell County School District will follow Wyoming Statute 21-4-309 regarding immunizations.
    Wyoming Department of Health immunization regulations will be implemented by the building principal and school nurse at each school site.

    Each building will have documentation of which students are in compliance with the Wyoming immunization statute and documentation of those students having authorized medical and religious immunization exemptions.
    III. Throat Cultures for the Identification of Strep Throat
    School nurses or trained designees may provide throat cultures for students or staff members with clinical symptoms or as requested by a parent/guardian.
    Staff members and parents/guardians of students with positive throat cultures will be notified and directed to obtain medical care. The responsibility for treatment of students remains with the parents/guardians. Staff members and students with positive throat cultures may return to school after 12 hours of antibiotic treatment if no fever is present.
    IV. Universal Precautions
    For the protection of all Campbell County School District students, families, employees, and visitors; the blood and body fluids of all people are to be considered potentially infectious.  Campbell County School District employees will practice Universal Precautions, the standard for protecting oneself and others from the exposure to blood and other body fluids, and will utilize the most current recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control in the management of blood borne pathogens.
    ADOPTION DATE: Revised November 8, 1993; Revised August 10,2005; Revised July 18, 2012; Revised December 10, 2013; Revised April 22, 2014; Revised January 12, 2016; Revised January 23, 2018
    LEGAL REFERENCES: Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and §21-4-309
    CROSS REFERENCES: 4330, 5200, 5200-R; Replaced 5141.3, 5141.5, and 5141.6, and 5210