5250 - Substance Abuse - Student Assistance Program

  • Except when used as directed by a physician (prescription drugs), the use of mood-altering drugs (including alcohol, inhalants, illegal substances, etc.), interferes with the education process and inhibits the educational potential of the individual student. Programs aimed at preventing the use/misuse of these substances may preempt the need for intervention and/or treatment.
    The primary responsibility for helping students who are seriously involved with substance abuse lies with the students and their parents. However, the potential for irreparable personal damage exists unless educators and parents work together to help students understand the complex nature of substance abuse. A supportive school environment is necessary for students who have been harmfully involved with substance abuse.
    The Board of Trustees supports substance abuse programs which can vary in scope according to the individual needs of each school. Included among these would be programs for persons who desire more information, for those who need help with intervention in an existing problem (their own or someone else's), and for those who need help completing the goals of a rehabilitation program. These programs are available to all students through Student Support Services.
    The Board supports Campbell County School District (District) efforts to help students during the school day as well as to reinforce programs offered through other agencies. District substance abuse programs offered through Student Support Services will provide group experiences, individual counseling, and such other services as are judged to be necessary by school personnel and other involved agencies.
    ADOPTION DATE: June 13, 1989; Editorial revision February 8, 2011; Reviewed with no changes March 14, 2017; Editorial revision September 12, 2017