5300 Activities Participation Eligibility

    The Student Activities Program is an important and integral part of the total school program and is open to all Campbell County School District students regardless of individual differences. Participation is a privilege and is strictly voluntary. Participants must abide by the regulations that govern the Student Activities Program, and students will be eligible for participation only when they meet all of the requirements. When Campbell County School District's requirements are higher than the Wyoming High School Activities Association requirements, the Campbell County School District requirements must be met.
    ADOPTION DATE: July 20, 1994; Reviewed July 20, 2011; Revised July 18, 2018
    LEGAL REFERENCE(S): WHSAA Rules and Regulations
    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 5035 Attendance Areas and Attendance Area Change Requests, 5035-R Attndance Areas and Attendance Area Change Requests
    ADMINISTRATIVE REGULATION: 5300-R, Activities Participation Eligibility