5300-R Activities Participation Eligibility

  • The General Rules of Eligibility, for both participation and academics, of the Wyoming High School Activities Association (WHSAA) apply to students in Grades 9-12 who participate in high school activities. These rules are listed in the Wyoming High School Activities Association Official Handbook.

    Each member school or school district shall establish participation criteria for all activity participants, which may extend beyond but not supplant the existing WHSAA rules (WHSAA Rule 6.1.4). Students of all grade levels are governed by building standards as well as this policy and regulation. For the purposes of this regulation, "activities" means any school-sponsored activity sanctioned by the WHSAA which is voluntary on the part of the student(s).

    Campbell County School District (CCSD) has guidelines for students, their attendance area boundaries, and the feeder school system from elementary to junior high to high school. Starting at the eighth grade level, students who attend their first practice or first day of school (whichever comes first) at a CCSD junior high school will establish eligibility for high school activities. If a parent wants their child to attend a secondary school other than the one in their attendance area, they will need to complete an Attendance Area Change Request form and turn it in to the receiving school principal. The receiving principal, in conjunction with the appropriate high school principal, will approve or deny attendance area change requests. Attendance area change requests made after the first practice or first day of school will follow the same protocol listed above. Attendance area change requests for Grades 9-12 will follow WHSAA rules.

    I. Academic Eligibility
    All students in Grades 9-12 must meet at least the minimum requirements of the WHSAA for credits earned and courses enrolled in. Campbell County School District students in Grades 9-12 participating in activities are required to maintain a grade equivalent of 70% or C- or higher in all classes with the allowance of one D- grade or 60% in one class. Students in Grades 7-8 participating in activities are required to maintain a grade equivalent of 70% or C- or higher in all classes.
    A student who fails to meet this eligibility standard may be required to practice while attempting to become eligible but cannot travel, be in uniform during contests, and/or compete in contests until this eligibility standard is re-established. Once the student has proven to the coach/sponsor by a written note from the teacher(s) that they have re-established this eligibility standard in all classes, they will be eligible to participate in competitions.
    II. Attendance

    A.  Attendance - Day of Activity

    A student must be in regular class attendance all of the scheduled school day up to the time of the scheduled activity in order to participate in the activity. Any exception for a doctor appointment, parent request, or critical family emergency must be cleared with a building principal or the building activity director prior to participation.

    B. Illness

    A student will not participate in any student activity practice or contest if he/she was absent any portion of the day because of illness or extended time in nurses’ care. A student under a doctor's care due to illness or injury is not to participate in a student activity without the doctor's written medical release.

    C.  Out of School Suspension
    Students suspended out of school may not practice or participate until the suspension period ends.
    III. In-School Discipline Program (IDP) Activities Suspension Grade 7-12
    Activity participants assigned to IDP are suspended from competitions in their activity until they have completed the IDP assignment. Practice while in IDP is permitted. Participation in competition following the IDP assignment will be dictated by the individual activity's regulations and expectations.
    The building principal or activity director has the discretionary authority to shorten the term of a student's activity suspension. There must be strong reason to believe such alteration of term will result in a positive outcome.
    IV. Activity Regulations, Expectations, and Training Rules

    The activity sponsor will develop expectations, and training rules for his/her activity. The rules are to be in writing and approved by the building-level activities director. A copy will be given to each participant and kept on file with the building level activities director.

    Campbell County School District Activity Code will apply to all students participating in sanctioned Wyoming High School Activities Association activities/athletics.

    Further, if a student is a participant in an interscholastic activity and is caught by a school district employee or is convicted in the courts as being in violation of law, while not under school jurisdiction, the appropriate CCSD Activity Code consequence will apply.


    V.  Student Trips

    Students on school-sponsored trips are under the jurisdiction of school authorities. The sponsor has full authority over students in his/her charge. All activity participants will dress and conduct themselves in a manner that brings credit to their school and community. Students are to be transported by means of school-authorized transportation to the activity. All vehicles are to be covered by insurance and are to be supervised.

    On out-of-town trips, students will return home or to the school on school-authorized transportation except under the following conditions:
    A.  If parents wish to take their children home with them after an out-of-town activity, they must provide a note saying they are relieving the coach/sponsor of all responsibility for the return trip home. The parents should arrange this with the coach/sponsor prior to the activity trip whenever possible.

    B.  Parents may obtain permission from the building principal or activities office for their child to be released to another adult at the conclusion of an out-of-town activity by completing a Liability Waiver Form prior to the activity trip.

    C.  The principal or sponsor has the right to revoke permission if circumstances change or if additional information makes questionable the authenticity of the reason for the request.

    D.  If the student violates the intent of this policy, he/she may not again obtain such permission other than for verified emergency situations.
    VI. Special Education - Non-Academic and Extracurricular Services and Activities
    Special needs students will be given equal opportunity to participate with non-disabled students in non-academic and extracurricular services and activities, including physical education courses, intramural and inter-scholastic athletics, and clubs sponsored by the District. District guidelines are to be followed for such participation.
    ADOPTION DATE: July 20, 1994; Editorial revision July 20, 2011; Replaced July 18, 2018
    LEGAL REFERENCE(S): WHSAA Rules and Regulations
    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 5035 Attendance Areas and Attendance Area Change Requests, 5035-R Attendance Areas and Attendance Area Change Requests
    POLICY: 5300 Activities Participation Eligibility