3540-R Transportation

  • Campbell County School District shall establish and maintain standards for school busing per Wyoming Statute as follows:
    21-3-131 School bus standards; operators; vehicle operation.
    (a) Each district shall establish and maintain minimum standards for persons involved in the operation of school buses, including:
    (i) Developing a written plan for the selection, training and supervision of persons whose duties involve the transporting of pupils;
    (ii) Requiring each applicant for a position, in which duties involve the transporting of pupils, to complete and submit an application form that includes a personal and occupational history;
    (iii) Completing a check of the successful applicant's driving record;
    (iv) Ensuring the successful applicant has on file with the district a copy of the medical examiner's certificate required by the United States Department of Transportation, federal motor carrier safety regulations, 49 C.F.R. Part 391.41;
    (v) Requiring annual training consisting of not less than six (6) hours for persons whose duties involve the operation of school buses.
    (b) Each district shall establish and maintain minimum standards for the operation of school buses, including:
    (i) All school buses shall undergo a safety inspection not less than two (2) times each school year, with one (1) inspection conducted by a person not employed by the school district. A copy of the inspection  reports shall be filed with the local school district;
    (ii) School bus operators shall perform a daily pre-trip inspection of their vehicles and report promptly any defect or deficiency discovered that may affect the safety of the vehicle's operation or result in its mechanical breakdown. Documentation of the inspections shall be submitted weekly and retained on file with the school district for a period of one (1) year;
    (iii) Operators of school buses equipped with lap belts shall wear a properly secured lap belt at all times the vehicle is in motion;
    (iv) Passengers in type "A" school buses equipped with factory installed lap belts shall wear a properly secured lap belt at all times the vehicle is in motion;
    (v) At least twice during each school year the driver of each school bus shall hold an emergency evacuation drill. Proper documentation for each drill shall be maintained on file with the school district;
    (vi) School bus routing and seating plans shall be coordinated to eliminate standing passengers or exceeding the manufacturer's rating capacity for the school bus;
    (vii) School buses shall operate with lighted headlamps at all times the vehicle is in motion;
    (viii) The service door of the school bus shall remain closed at all times the vehicle is in motion;
    (ix) Any accident involving a school bus which is required to be reported under W.S. 31-5-1106 shall also be reported to the state department of education on forms approved by the department.
    Special Programs Transportation
    Transportation for special programs students will be provided based on needs identified in the Individual Education Plan (IEP). Any member of an IEP Team may present a special request for transportation of an IEP student to the Team. If the Team agrees with the educational relevance of the request, the case manager will be responsible for completing the necessary paperwork and presenting the request to the Director of Special Programs.
    No request will be considered by the Director of Special Programs if it is not educationally related. If the Director of Special Programs approves a request, he or she will work with the Transportation Supervisor to determine how it can best be carried out.
    A request to have a special programs student dropped off at an address other than the student's residence will be considered only if it requires no deviation from the assigned bus route. No bus may cross route lines to deliver a student to another location.
    Activity and Activity Transportation
    While the supervision of students attending activities and on field trips generally rests with the activity sponsor and chaperones, the safe transportation of students to and from school sponsored activities is the responsibility of the bus operator.
    The district will utilize Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Part 395 as "best practice" for hours of service while transporting activity trips.
    Adult Riders on School Buses
    Parents and other adults who are not employees of the District or, if employed by the District, are not teachers, aides or sponsors for the students riding a bus, may be permitted to ride Campbell County School District buses if:
    1. There is space available, and
    2. Granting such permission serves to promote a School District purpose, such as:
    a. Helping teachers, sponsors or bus drivers maintain a safe and orderly environment during field trips or activity trips,
    b. Providing assistance or expertise during the activity for which the trip was taken, or
    c. Using the bus trip as all, or a portion of, transportation to work or to a volunteer activity for the school district.
    Riders described here are expected to serve as models for students and follow all rules of bus etiquette, safety and discipline. They must also understand that the teacher, sponsor, bus driver or aide is in charge of the bus and determines when riders may enter or leave the bus.
    Riders who do not abide by the provisions of this policy, or who ignore the wishes of the bus driver, sponsor or other District employee in charge, will be subject to loss of bus riding privileges.
    Persons riding a bus under the provisions of this policy should request permission in advance. The District Transportation Director, a principal of the building the students attend, or their designee will have the authority to grant or revoke riding privileges.
    ADOPTION DATE: September 13, 1977; Editorial revision August 14, 1984; Revised August 25, 1987; April 26, 1993 (formerly 3541.32); Reviewed March 1990; August 28, 1995; Revised September 9, 1996; Reviewed September 13, 2005; Minor revision October 14, 2014; Revised October 27, 2015
    LEGAL REFERENCE(S): Wyoming Rules & Regulations Governing Services for Children With Disabilities
    CROSS REFERENCE(S): 3540 , 3550 , 3550-R