Parent Resources


    Studies have shown that the success of a child in living a healthy lifestyle is highly dependent upon parent involvement. 

    Along with the resources available to parents through the links above, we hope to provide you with the tools to initiate change within your family.

    Why is it important for parents to play a role? Because your behavior strongly influences the way your child makes choices about their own physical activity and nutrition. Kids look to their parents for guidance and support in most areas - and living a healthy lifestyle is no different; you are their role models.


    What can parents do to encourage their kids? An effective program has guidelines and goals. Make these decisions together to get each family member’s input. Motivate your kids by setting a good example. If your kids see you making healthier food choices and increasing your physical activity, they are more likely to adopt the same behavior.


    So where do we start? Often times people report that it can be difficult to make change on your own and old habits are hard to break- however these obstacles are not impossible! With the support of family and friends, establishing new routines and meeting goals can be much easier. So, grab your tennis shoes and head outside to play!