Transportation Report

  • 2020-2021 Transportation Report

    • 115 Bus Routes
    • 2,050,000 miles traveled annually
    • Fleet of 170 Buses
    • Approximately 4,500 students transported daily
    • 200 Transportation Employees; drivers, mechanics, crossing guards, bus assistants, clerical.

    District Transportation specialists transport students on a variety of rural and city routes with the majority of resources used from 6–9 a.m. for the morning routes and 2–6 p.m. for afternoon routes. Additionally, they drive students on field trips and out-of-town activity trips.

    All districts throughout Wyoming assist one another in the maintenance of activity buses to support out-of-town activity trips. Most administrators/supervisors throughout the state are available by phone 24/7.

    Throughout these miles, safety is the drivers’ No. 1 priority with new drivers taking part in a training program that is one of the best in the tri-state area. This 40-hour comprehensive training package results in each driver obtaining a commercial drivers’ license with all necessary endorsements. In addition, drivers learn about CPR/first aid, defensive driving, special needs, discipline and a number of other subjects. All drivers receive an additional 24 hours of training every year

    Driver training Requirements

    The State of Wyoming requires all school bus drivers receive a minimum of six (6) hours of annual training.  CCSD drivers receive up to twenty (24) hours of annual training.  All bus drivers, bus assistants, and mechanics are required to have First Aid training.  All bus drivers and mechanics are subject to random drug and alcohol testing four times per year.

    Twice annually, school bus evacuation and emergency evacuation drills are conducted in order to provide the students and drivers with the knowledge and skill to know what to do in the event of an accident or emergency.

    Transporting children to and from school is a job the CCSD Transportation Department takes very seriously. Our goal is to provide the most efficient, timely and safe service to our students.